Saturday, July 22, 2017

Changing Skies

Ace of Wands Photography put together this video to encourage everyone to look up. I am an avid sky watcher. I've taken hundreds of pictures of the clouds and the sun that would interest no one but myself. It's my own private collection of the heavens, one might say. I've watched the sky my whole life and I am noticing some real changes in the clouds. There used to be the standards: stratus, nimbus, cirrus, cumulus and the combos of each. They used to be real predictors of weather. Today, we have clouds they are making up names for. The sun too seems to have changed. The light is much whiter and the heat emanating from it is like a laser beam. I draw no conclusions; I'll leave that up to the reader. However, presented here, is an Ace of Wands Photography (artful) rendition of some very interesting and beautiful anomalies that have been documented over this past year. (Oh, and the objects flying around the sun? I'm not even going to wager a guess.)

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Mid-summer Relief

We are suffering record breaking heat all over the country. I addition, the world seems to be on fire with rage over one thing or another. Society appears to be reaching nuclear proportions. If we could just step back a moment - and in that moment just cool down. Breathe. Cool off and regain our self-composure. Ace of Wands Photography has brought a moment of cooling peace. Please just take this moment to sit back, relax and enjoy this refreshing, peaceful video  -- after all, winter will be here soon enough.

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

A Tribute to Joe Arridy - An Innocent Man

When I found out about Joe, I always knew I had to let as many people as I could know he was an innocent man. May he rest in peace.

Please share this video. Let everyone know about Joe - he deserves this.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Photo Of The Day -- Train Ride

 Ace Of Wands Photography 

I've always loved trains. My first train ride was from Dayton, Ohio to Des Moines, Iowa. Funny how I remember having so much fun and that little box lunch (literally, in a cardboard box) was the coolest thing ever. I must have been five or six. I also remember my mom was not answering my questions about my dad. She was hiding something. My mother's  tenseness was the gnat in my lemonade but I was determined to soak myself in the experience.  I still love trains. The hum, rumble and sway of the train car is comforting and exciting at the same time. The train has been the icon of the rambler's life, and Lord knows, I have rambled. I recently took my daughter on the Royal Gorge train ride. We had such a great time. Such a delicious meal too! We have planned to take a train ride across America and play tourist. What a fantastic photographic opportunity! Stay tuned for that episode... .

Royal Gorge, Cañon City, Colorado
Train Ride
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Monday, July 10, 2017

Photo of the Day -- Hot Summer Day

 Ace of Wands Photography

 Cañon City, Colorado
Hot Summer Day
 Listening to some tunes on the 'ol iPhone. Of course, I have the chair in the shade with an ice cold beer within reach. Just capturing the laziness of the day. The black and white forces one to feel the textures i this moment as well as experience a little snap-shot of relaxation -- perhaps of days gone by.

This is an invitation to come and sit for awhile and just enjoy the ever present now.

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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Photo Of The Day - Moochers

  Ace Of Wands Photography


The moochers of Eleven Mile Reservoir. Theses two fine feathered friends were lurking about as we were fishing.

Colorado USA

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Photo Shoot at the City of Refuge, Hawaii

I grew up in Hawaii. Well, actually, I spent my teenage years there. I guess we tend to consider teenage years as "our time". We have an affinity for the music of those years of our life and we identify with the culture of that bygone era. I recently went back to Hawaii to visit my folks and had the opportunity to wander around a bit at the City of Refuge and the Painted Church (different locations). 

The City of Refuge -- I love this place. All the visitors whisper as they walk about, soaking in the spirit and peace that permeates this ancient village. The City of Refuge is a very sacred place of second chances. Those accused of some wrong-doing could flee to this village and would be spared of their fate (if they made it). The Kahuna's were resonsible for all who lived there. The fugitives spent their days making atonement so as to be re-born, given a second life and a second chance.

These are just a few photos I took while visiting the City of Refuge and the Painted Church.  Uploading to YouTube affects the quality a bit but the essence remains. I chose to take many of the photos in black and white. I wanted to punch forth the lines and showcase the contrasts of the unique structures, giving a solidity to the gods. 

Thank you for watching!

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Photography As Documentation or Art?

What is the perfect photograph? This is probably as complex a question as 'What is beauty?' This personal example sticks in my mind and I have used its lessons frequently:

A friend of mine loved to shoot macro. She shot spectacular photos where every detail of an insect, bug or butterfly could be richly enjoyed. She could document these creatures perfectly, much better than I could ever dream of doing. She had perfect photos of little creatures which lead me to question, but where is the twist? There was no twist, there was just the bug. It then occurred to me that maybe I need to dig deeper into the question of what is the difference between a gorgeous photo of a praying mantis that sits smack dab center of the frame and taking a photo with many more subtle complexities and calculated composition? Is the bug picture really art or is it the plain and simple documentation of a subject?

Just a photo of a flower or is this art?
As pure documentation, we all have seen reference books full of pictures of the subjects they are talking about. Take a butterfly reference book, for example. It has hundreds of perfect photographs of butterflies. Is it likely that the person checking this butterfly reference book out of the library had the intention of studying art? Maybe, but probably not. They checked it out to study butterflies. 

Let's turn the page to photography contests. So are we looking for the most "perfect" picture of a subject as documentation or are we looking for a how the subject is used to convey a feeling outside of  "oh, what a perfect picture of a ladybug"?

Alright, flip-side time. After all that being said, one then must consider the intention of the photographer. One could argue their intention was that the subject, in and of itself, IS the art. The beauty, lines and body composition of the insect or flower are the art-form. After all, there is no better artist than Mother Nature. 

I realize I have not answered any questions here but only brought forth more questions. However, at Ace Of Wands Photography, these questions are very important and make all the difference when I choose to click that shutter.


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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Finding One's Passion

Ever ask the rhetorical question, "What do I want to be when I grow up?" We usually ask that question of ourselves when we feel particularly at sea, so to speak. We still feel as though we haven't landed anywhere or put down solid roots into a passion or interest. I have personally found that those solid roots have commitment written all over them. Another truth I have come to uncover is, we DO know what we REALLY want to do but in all honesty, we won't commit because we don't believe we can be that person or do that thing.  The fact is, our trouble is not in knowing what we want but committing to what we want and doing what it takes to get there. PERIOD.  We may test out the waters, getting our tootsies a little wet, then pull out the moment we realize that real commitment is involved.
All journeys have a bend in the road. 
 What has this got to do with Photography or my travels? Well, travels entail a journey and the above has been my journey for many years. I have stopped all the nonsense. I calmly, but firmly decided that opening my own photography art gallery was exactly what I am to do. You see, I found out that it encompasses all my other passions and lets me tell their tales and share another perspective with others. This is my commitment. I am used to sharing alter perspectives with my background in Philosophy but now, I can do this through visual media.
  I am currently taking courses in Photography and loving every moment. Taking five days off from work just to further, all the more, my coursework and build that foundation for my passion. I will also be developing a YouTube Channel, but that will be further on down the line. Its taken me to 3:00 a.m. some nights to tie up loose ends, developing websites, doing research, going through training modules and not forgetting to shoot some pics along the way. I have been the most wonderful kind of tired these past few days.
  I just want to tell you that it's all worth it. Give the commitment to your passion a try and the most amazing things begin to happen!


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