Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Photo Of The Day -- Train Ride

 Ace Of Wands Photography 

I've always loved trains. My first train ride was from Dayton, Ohio to Des Moines, Iowa. Funny how I remember having so much fun and that little box lunch (literally, in a cardboard box) was the coolest thing ever. I must have been five or six. I also remember my mom was not answering my questions about my dad. She was hiding something. My mother's  tenseness was the gnat in my lemonade but I was determined to soak myself in the experience.  I still love trains. The hum, rumble and sway of the train car is comforting and exciting at the same time. The train has been the icon of the rambler's life, and Lord knows, I have rambled. I recently took my daughter on the Royal Gorge train ride. We had such a great time. Such a delicious meal too! We have planned to take a train ride across America and play tourist. What a fantastic photographic opportunity! Stay tuned for that episode... .

Royal Gorge, Cañon City, Colorado
Train Ride
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