Friday, November 23, 2018


Helping the observer interpret our photos is a little dicey at times. Usually, we use a well chosen title to guide the viewer. Sometimes, the observer is unaware of the title or theme of a work we have spent hours on. In that case, anything goes. This is not necessarily a bad thing but I find people like to know what they are looking at. People want to know what our motivation was to spend time crafting our work. This knowledge deepens their experience (especially if your work is more abstract).
On the flip-side, we don’t want to lock in our work and tell our viewers “this is a picture of (whatever) and don’t you put your spin on it”. Titles must leave room for the viewer to use their own imagination as we merely provide the sign post.
Taking time to produce a well crafted title is just as important as the work itself.
By the way — Happy Black Friday (whatever that means to you)
Much love,
Ace of Wands Photography

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