Thursday, November 22, 2018

A Message of Gratitude 

The message for today is gratitude. Frankly, today acts as a reminder of how we should be all year long. Just as the message for all the holidays of December is one of peace, again reminding us of what should rule our lives. Sure, one can quibble and tear apart the historical origins of every holiday from every culture, but then are we not missing the point of the actual messages that evade culture and time and in effect, are timeless?
Throughout history the archetype of the messenger has been a dubious character — full of flaws and most times, a scoundrel, more interested in selfish interests than delivering any message that may help humanity. This character, unwilling as they are, ends up being persuaded and accomplishes the task. The messenger is also portrayed as just an ordinary Joe called to impart information that will change the world, so to speak but does not believe he/she can do so. In the end, the message finally gets delivered. The biggest caviat however, is will the people listen. They didn’t listen to Moses because of who he was as messenger. They focused on the messenger instead of the message and you see where that got them.
History itself is the greatest messenger. Events that are flawed and even scandalous at times do speak to us and deliver messages to us constantly. Are we going to focus on the the messenger and ignore the message?
The message today is to be thankful, grateful for all the good things in our lives instead of giving so much attention to any lack or misfortune that has come across our path. We need to stop for a moment and take stock of our life and examine what is really important — what really matters — and carry that forward in GRATITUDE and THANKSGIVING all year long.
With much love,
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