Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Dark Side

I am a big fan of black and white photography. I am a bigger fan of Noir. Working in black and white can be a little tricky though. I liken the difference between color and black and white the same as the difference between television and radio. With television, our senses are spoon-fed, so to speak. There is really no need for interpretation. Namely, you get what you see. With radio, you really need someone in command of language to paint the picture for you but the image is really up to you to interpret and the individual imagination is left to fill in the rest. For me, incorporating the tones of Noir is like adding the exclamation point to the photo. Of course, one does not end every sentence with an exclamation point so, using Noir is a bit of an art in as much as it needs to be used sparingly. Play around with Noir when you want to add that touch of drama or mystery to your next black and white photo.
By the way... cats are both full of drama and mystery. 😏
Much love,
Ace of Wands Photography

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Colorado Travels 

Colorful Colorado is a photographer’s paradise! The varied terrain of high prairie to pine covered mountains is truly magnificent The flora and fauna are endless subjects for your stock photo collection. The above photo is of Fishers Peak in southern Colorado.
If you find your way to Colorado, it is a must that you bring your camera; you will regret it if you don’t.
Much Love,
Ace of Wands Photography 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Treasures from Our Children 

As time rolls on, those of us with youngsters in our lives, will receive true works of art from the little ones. Whether the masterpiece be their first clay pot or stick figure drawing — take a frame-worthy photo of it. The treasure itself may fade or if you have several young ones, the treasures may begin to become overwhelming and begin to take up a lot of space. Instead, take beautiful photos of them, frame them nicely and dedicate a wall in your home to showcase these lovely pieces as the true works of art that they are. Your young ones will love it! As time goes on, you can now store away some of the originals. When those youngsters grow up, they can have their own treasure box of memories to pass down to their young ones and you will continue to have yours too!
Much Love,
Ace of Wands Photography 

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Close to Home 

Sometimes the most visually interesting subjects are found where we travel daily. Yes, it’s exciting to wander off to exotic places but a playful, fun photo can be found right under our noses if we just take the time to really look at what surrounds us in our everyday.

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